Training worship leaders to renew their church’s worship

Five Varieties of Worship Leader Boot Camps now offered


What is a Worship Leader Boot Camp?


Thousands have been trained internationally through Worship Leader Boot Camps

Can’t decide which of the five options is best for you? Check out this video that will help you make that decision. 

Worship Leader Boot Camp BASIC

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This option is great for everyone on the worship team to come and catch the vision for renewed worship in your church. This Boot Camp covers the material in an 8-hour conference on a Saturday. Corporate worship times are led with virtual worship bands and tracks rather than a full band experience.


September 19, 2020 (POSTPONED TBD)- Crosspointe Baptist Church, Concord, NC
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Worship Leader Boot Camp PLUS

This option covers the same core material, plus there is a full band to lead more extended times of corporate worship. Due to the added worship times, this one begins on a Friday night and runs through Saturday morning and afternoon. Provides a great experience for your entire team.

Cost: $30-40 depending upon time of registration. 

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Worship Leader Boot Camp EXTREME

As our Worship Leader Boot Camp covers a great amount of material, many have expressed a desire to go deeper in making direct application to their lives and ministries. Worship Leader Boot Camp: EXTREME begins with the Worship Leader Boot Camp material, combines strong elements of a new training, A Week in the Life of a Worship Leader (new addition to the EXTREME event), and then focuses on practically working through the concepts.

Focus areas include:

  • Exploring biblical, missional, cultural and discipleship issues and how they relate specifically to local church settings.
  • Planning worship services that engage the congregation
  • Planning sets of music and their connections (key and textual relationships)
  • Modeling a worship arts team for worship planning
  • Preparing the choir, instrumentalists, band, etc. for worship
  • Preparing media for worship
  • Preparing the congregation for worship
  • Preparing personally for worship
  • Leading the worship experience

Participants are limited to a small group (no more than 12), which allows for more individualized attention. The event is hosted in various locations and runs Thursday lunch through Saturday afternoon.

The hands-on approach to worship and its dynamics, involving music sets, order of services, proper key changes, congregational arrangements, worship styles, among many other worthy topics, made a difference in the way I lead worship at my church today. I was also challenged spiritually to be open to the Lord and to live worship not just lead worship. I would recommend this retreat to any worship leader who is serious in making a difference in their personal worship and is open to the Lord’s leading in corporate worship.
Maggie Andre, Grove Park Baptist Church, Clinton, NC

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Want to participate?

Once we have dates scheduled, if you have interest in engaging in this experience, click the date of your choice below, answer some questions and remit payment. Slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

NOTE: NC Baptist church leaders have priority status. All others welcomed if there are open slots. Email Kenny Lamm if you are not from a NC Baptist church and are interested in this training.

When & Where?

Time: Thursday Noon – Saturday 4:00 pm
Caraway Conference Centernear Asheboro, NC


  • TBA

The cost, including 2 nights single-occupancy room and 7 meals, is $250.
Due to the limited number of people that can participate, we must limit registrants to one or two per church unless we have openings one week out.

Comments on the retreat experience

Worship Leader Boot Camp Extreme is a comprehensive “How to” for church worship pastors and leaders. The conference covers the theology of worship as well as the latest and most innovative ways to “do” worship ministry. I highly recommend it to anyone who is involved in leading worship.
Greg Huff
Rich Fork Baptist Church, Thomasville, NC

I highly recommend the “Worship Leader Extreme Boot Camp” for your worship leader. As a pastor, I have seen the difference in our worship experience and consider this to have been a great investment.
Jimmy Kiker
Unity Baptist Fellowship, Sophia, NC

I have personally attended this special edition boot camp and if you are a worship leader or aspiring worship leader you will benefit greatly by attending. Kenny Lamm is one of a kind in his efforts to teach unifying and transforming worship.
Chris Conner
Pembroke, NC

Worship Leader Boot Camp EXTREME will help you refocus, reenergize, and reintroduce you to personalized worship as well as revisit basic concepts and helpful tips in how to lead others during times of corporate worship.
Bryan Foster
Faith Baptist Church, West End, NC

Can’t make the dates?

We may be scheduling additional retreats in 2020 as well as a hybrid online and virtual class for those who cannot take time off work for this intense training retreat. Fill out this survey with your interest, let us know you cannot attend one of these events, and we will keep you posted.

Worship Leader Boot Camp ONLINE

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A self-paced, fully online version of the Worship Leader Boot Camp is now live. This course includes 29 videos with 6.5 hours of instruction recorded at a recent Boot Camp. One should expect to spend a minimum of 10 hours with this class. While this lacks the excitement and inspiration of gathering with people in a live event, it does cover the material thoroughly on your timetable. You can take time to digest the material in a slower fashion than the live event. There is no contact with the instructor in this course. 

Dates: Anytime

Cost: $30 (discounts currently available – click link below)


Worship Leader Boot Camp

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Basic Certificate in Worship Leadership
Worship Leader Boot Camp: BEYOND EXTREME

This takes all the material in the Worship Leader Boot Camp PLUS much additional practical material for leading a worship ministry and expands it to an online class with instructor interaction and feedback in one of two options:

Cohort Study: A small group selected to participate in these classes will work through online video teaching, resources, projects, forums, etc. to learn the material thoroughly. The group will meet each week with the instructor in a video conference to discuss the material (optional). Additionally, there is much interaction online with the instructor and classmates. Two weeks are devoted to completing a final project for the class. Participants must be committed to the entire 12 weeks. Unlike most online courses, this one has instructor interaction.

Independent Study: You have up to six months to complete the work described in the Cohort Study above. However, there is no interaction with other students nor weekly online video class meetings.

Worship Leadership Certificate and College Credit: All work is done via the Moodle Classroom online platform at Successful completion of this class grants college credit towards any degree at Fruitland Baptist Bible College. Also, all who complete the course satisfactorily will be granted a Basic Certificate in Worship Leadership by Fruitland Baptist Bible College. [$199, $50 discount for NC Baptist churches] 

Click here for more detailed information.

Dates for the Cohort Study: TBA
Dates for the Independent Study: May be started at any time.

Cost: $149 for NC Baptists. $199 for others.

If you are from a NC Baptist church and are interested in this class, please fill out this form and you will be contacted. If you are not from a NC Baptist church and are interested in this class, fill out this form.

Can’t Decide Which Variation Is Best for You?

The 12-week class with other participants gives you the great benefit of learning from one another. However, some participants found it difficult to keep up with the work. Getting behind in the 12-week model can be detrimental to the class experience. So, if you can commit to the time to the class experience, it is the preferred route, however, the independent study route covers the same material and has the same expectations minus the class interaction piece. This is best for those that need time flexibility to accomplish the class in a six-month period, if needed.

Need help in deciding which option is best? Check out this video.

What People Are Saying

The Worship Leader Boot Camp combines Kenny Lamm’s real-world experience from the trenches of worship leadership with his deep passion to see churches of every worship “style” experience worship renewal. Kenny has years of experience of effectively leading both traditional and contemporary worship styles, and his insights into how to plan and lead with purpose and excellence are invaluable. Where the Worship Leader Boot Camp really shines, however, is for those churches in need of worship unity. If your church desires corporate worship that purposefully engages the totality of your congregation, regardless of your worshiper’s age, musical preference, or ethnicity, let Kenny Lamm show you how.

One of my favorite sections of Kenny’s Worship Leader Handbook is the chapter on the mechanics of worship. In twenty jam-packed pages, he teaches practical ways to plan engaging worship with a purposeful flow.  I’ve read many books on worship leadership through the years, and I’ve never seen these concepts taught in such a practical and concise manner. It took me years to discover what he teaches in only a few short pages. Every worship leader should attend his workshop!
Royce Wilder, First Baptist Corinth, MS

As Senior Pastor of Hopewell Baptist Church, I found myself less than excited when our Minister of Music asked me to attend the Minister of Music Retooling Retreat—a fancy name for a worship conference in January 2011. The daunting responsibilities of leading a thriving church family are a 24/7 job, and, frankly, I was a bit irritated that I had even been asked to accompany our Music Minister—surely he could handle this on his own. So imagine my surprise when I found myself totally enthralled with Kenny Lamm and his leadership throughout the entire experience! Every detail was attended to, questions raised and answered and he has a powerful delivery of a very simple message: “We were created to worship!” I found myself challenged in my preconceived notions of worship and was able to look beyond that to the true purpose of actually leading our congregation to our King!
Dr. Lee Pigg, Hopewell Baptist Church, Monroe

The things I learned at boot camp were exactly what I needed. It has been my desire to be a worship leader rather than a choir director and here I found the resources, tools, guidance and a vision of the direction to lead the church in. I was very impressed with the study of worship in the Bible and all of the practical tips. The demonstrations were also beneficial to see how best to transition from one song to the next. The worship leader guidebook is very informative and an asset to have. At camp I caught a glimpse of what worship can and should be and it fed my soul!
Charla Buchanan, Robbinsville First Baptist

The Worship Summit with Kenny Lamm was one of the most complete and practical discussions on Biblical Worship that I have experienced in many years. As a worship leader, I left equipped with tools, quotes, and scriptures in which I could defend the principles of worship that I have been trying to apply within my own congregation. I think representatives from churches of all sizes and musical styles can use the information gleaned here to make more spiritually-focused decisions regarding worship within their local context.
Chris Bridges, Pastor of Worship & Communications, Southside Baptist Church, Mooresville, NC

I have already spoken and forwarded information to other musicians about the workshop, Excluding the Bible, I think this is the best Worship tool anyone can have in their library. We laughed, we cried and we healed spiritually. I’ll never worship the same again, and I will do it again. It’s about the audience of one, God.
Joel Robertson, South Estatoe Baptist, Micaville

As pastor, I was confirmed in the direction that our worship team and I have been going. Worship is not about contemporary versus traditional, but about engaging our congregation to encounter the Lord. The time spent with my worship team helped in bonding us together in this common purpose.
Bob Ferguson, Archdale First Baptist

The things they don’t teach you in college that you can only learn in an experience &/or mentoring scenario, were what I most remember. It was immensely helpful. I could have stayed eight more hours.
Jennifer Lassiter, Archdale First Baptist

Can’t Decide?

Here is an overview of the five types of Worship Leader Boot Camps:

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