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  • We need help!

    Our pianist has retired and we can’t find anyone to replace her!

  • Where can I find a drummer?

    We want to do more modern music in worship, but we don’t have anyone that can play drums.

  • Vacations are killing us!

    We just don’t have a bench of instrumentalists to play when some are out on vacation. What can we do?

  • Our pianist called in sick!

    We don’t have a backup pianist. What can we do?

  • What can I do?

    There are lots of resources I keep seeing to help our church’s worship, but which ones are best for my setting?

Churches with limited musician resources seem to be occurring in epidemic proportions. Also, many churches want to be able to utilize modern worship songs in their times of worship, but find it difficult to do so without proper instrumentation. Today, we have technologies available that provide great solutions for churches that need help. This seminar will look at many great solutions for churches of all worship styles–whether you need just a pianist or an entire band to assist in your times of corporate worship. Attendees will be introduced to a variety of solutions and helped to determine which one or more is best for their setting. The seminar will utilize a variety of technology platforms, apps and resources in a fast-paced overview.

Winterville Baptist Church

2593 Church Street, Winterville, NC

Thursday, February 28, 2019
6:30-8:30 p.m.

Register Here

Members of South Roanoke Baptist Association churches should register with the SRBA office at (252) 756-4332

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